What is MOSHA?

“MOSHA” is an acronym for, “Mr. Organic Supra Healing Alchemy”.
At MOSHA We like to Focus on 5 Key aspects of Life; 1.Body 2.Mind 3. Spirit 4. Emotional Intelligence 5. Personal Development. (Which in turn leads to Financial and Wholesome well Being.

The idea behind MOSHA was birthed out a Desire to Give my Body the Essentials of Super Plants, Substances and Nutrients that My Genes have been possibly lacking for generations. And an Urge to do it in the most Easy and manageable fashion.

The Idea came from my Fighters name, Given to me because of my Healthy Lifestyle at a Muay Thai gym I trained, and fought out of. ‘Supra Healing’ is based around the Way of Living that I have been Adapting to my Lifestyle over the past 4 years, since Going Completely Plant based. And, ‘Alchemy is for How We go about transmuting our-self from Lead into Gold, by focusing on developing 5 basic Areas of Life common to All Humans Being. Such are Body (Health), Mind (Mental Well-being: i.e. Cognitive Performance), Spirit (Emotional and Spiritual Serenity), Family (Relationships with Loved ones, Friends and Business), and Business (Financial Competency and Literacy), All accomplished through the Fundamental Development of Self.

All disease starts in the gut. Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food. Health is the greatest of human blessings. If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool. – Hippocrates

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