MOSHA; Cellular Elixir; Elixir of God; Elixir of Nature

MOSHA’s Cellular Elixir; Elixir of God’s mission is to Be the very best Morning ritual Alternative to any bad morning routine. And the Doorway through which others may learn to fashion a life for themselves worth striving towards, Living for, and if be, Fighting for by helping create a Life of balance, by way of a Simple Conscious act of putting Substances in Ones body that will help it deal with Stressors, and Society induced Problems Cognitive and Immunological problems.

The purpose of MOSHA’s Cellular Elixir; Elixir of God; Elixir of Nature and for Nature is for it to Be a Healing smooth and Tasty Wholesome, Alchemically concocted Alternative. This blend of 14 Incredible Superfood Adaptogens, Herbs, Roots, Substance and Minerals- That Holistically counteract the Negative impact; Physically, immunologically, Emotionally and Cognitively that Riddle and impacts Conscious Beings in such an Unconscious Society; aims to Be of the Greatest assistance in Providing a product whose Sole purpose is too, Regenerate and Revitalize You. By Nourishing and Detoxifying your body and Mind, while Invigorating you Soul and Spirit. How? by Meticulously repairing and Recharging the Cells which make up our Self- and Inducing a smoother Flow in the Cellular level mechanics of One’s body.

What is the Cellular Elixir? The Cellular Elixir is the Supra Healing Alchemy, and the Supra Healing Alchemy is the Magnanimous and phenomenal affect and impact which these Wonderful gifts of Nature produce, and have on the Body.

Elixir Ingredients Mission;

This Powerful and Amazing Blend of Life consists of
11 Adaptogens: Adaptogens are herbs. They help the body adapt, and strengthen the Endocrine system so that the body can better cope with stress and pressure. They can Balance Hormones. They strengthen and Boost Immune Systems. All of this can result in reduced stress. The body can better cope with stress and pressure. They can balance hormones. They strengthen and boost immune systems. All of this can result in reduced stress.  

Our Mission is to Bring forth a Collection of Mother Nature’s most Powerful Nourishing, Healing, and Revitalizing Wonders into a Mix that

“Plants are Natures Healers for the Body, Mind, and Energetic Spirit of every Creature upon Land.- J.M Sosa Mejia

Serves as possibly One of Modern Alchemy: Chemistry Greatest Inventions.  
This Holistic Mixture of Life has an Abundance of Power, yet smooth in Flavor and Sent. An Organic Raw Cacao Experience (Worlds Number 1 Most Antioxidant Rich Superfood accompanied by Cinnamon, and Pink Salt, to balance out the Earthy Experience of the Next 11 Powerhouse of Natures Wonders; Shilajit 84+ Vitamins, Nutrients, Minerals, Antioxidants. Maca; Hormone Balancer Supreme, Jiaogulan; Immune Boosting Adaptogen, Ashwagandha; Hormone Balancing Adaptogen, and a 7 Blend of Mushrooms- The 7 Sages: Reishi, Chaga, Mesima, Cordyceps, Turkey Tale, Lions Mane, Maitake.


1. Brew Up A Hot (or Cold) Chocolate MIlk or WATER. Add 1 Tbsp of MOSHA “Elixer of God’s powder to a mug, pour in 6-8oz of warmed plant-based milk, or Water and add 1-2 tsp of natural organic unprocessed sweetener such as yacon syrup, agave syrup, coconut nectar,coconut sugar, or maple syrup.

2. Whizz Into a Smoothie. Add 1-2 Tbsp of MOSHA’s “Elixer of God’s powder to your regular smoothie.  Or try out rich chocolate smoothie,or a Chocolate Banana 🍌 and Papaya smoothie for an added boost of Micronutrients, Vitamins, Minerals and Stress Reducer abs Congnitive Enhancer.

3. For those that insist on Coffee. Add a Tspn to your Favorite cup of Coffee.

4. Add to your Favorite Oatmeal or Warm Morning breakfast meal.

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